Participants will arrive and finalize registration on Sunday, August 21, 2022; sessions begin Monday morning.

Crete is served by two international airports, the “Nicos Kazantzakis” airport of Heraklion and the “IoannisDaskalogiannis” airport of Chania. The latter is by far the most convenient airport as the “Orthodox Academy of Crete” is only 47 km (29 mi) away and it is well served during the summer.

Because most attendees will arrive at the airport in Chania on Sunday August 21, we can organize buses tomeet selected flights. Please inform by email Emmanuelle d’Alençon and Emmanuelle Joly

in advance about your arrival times so that arrangements can be made for transportation. Details will be provided as we come closer to the time of the conference. Participants arriving at other times should take a taxi to the Academy. For the return flights from the Chania airport on Saturday August 28, pooled taxi rides to be paid by the participants will be organized by the OAC staff.

Participants arriving at the Chania airport may also take a bus into the city of Chania and then take a bus or a taxi to Kolympari. They may also take a taxi from the airport straight to Kolympari. The cost will be about 70 euro. Renting a car from the Chania airport is also an option – the drive to Kolympari is about 45 min to 1 hour.

Participants arriving at the Heraklion airport may take a bus to Chania and then a bus or taxi from there to Kolympari. Taking a taxi from Heraklion to Kolympari is not recommended as it is a 2.5 hour drive and thus very expensive. Participants arriving at the Heraklion airport may also rent a car at Heraklion airport and drive to Kolympari.