Program under construction based on 5 main sessions

  • Genomics, Genetics, Evolution and Phylogeny: Genome sequencing and mapping; comparative genomics, evolution and phylogeny; genomic and cytogenetic tools for population diagnostics and trait identification; Mono-, oligo- and polyphagy of herbivores; species adaptation and invasiveness; insecticide resistance and detoxification
  • Development and Differentiation : Sex determination; control of development and metamorphosis; reproduction, Cell differentiation; wing and larval patterning; molecular mimicry and adaptation; receptors and ligands; signal transduction
  • Physiology and Behaviour : Immunity; parasite and microbiotic control of insect physiology, Neurobiology, hormones, neuropeptides and receptors; chemical ecology, chemosensation and behavior
  • Functional Genomics and Post-genomic Tools and Applications : Tissue and cell-specific transcriptomics and proteomics; basic regulatory mechanisms; RNA-mediated control of gene expression; RNA delivery tools; recombinant protein expression, Transgenesis, paratransgenesis and genetic manipulations; genome editing (TALEN, CRISPR, others) and somatic mutagenesis, gene drive for pest control
  • Pathology and Pest control : Viruses, parasites, other pathogens and pest control